YISFF2020 is

The Yecheon International Smartphone Film Festival is a support for challenges and festivals that have created a new brand of movies that made with smartphones and allowed anyone to fulfill their dream of becoming a filmmaker. Your interest with various talents will be the driving force behind the creation of a new film world.


The festival Supporter’s official name “SmartReamer” which combines SMART of the smartphone film festival and DREAMER will create the dream together at the site where the dream is realized through the smartphone film festival.

Activity period From April to September 20th, 2020
Recruitment target Koreans, foreigners residing in and out of Korea (people who can communicate in Korean), individuals or organizations
Applying method Receiving application form on the website of Yecheon International Smartphone Film Festival
Inquiry Yecheon International Smart-phone Film Festival (054)655-8082


For the film festival that is being created with local residents, we invite local supporters who are willing to support the event, participate in programs, and volunteer activities.

Activity period June to September 20th, 2020
Date of application June 1st , 2020 to June 5th , 2020
Target Yecheon County residents
Applying method Completing an application form on the Yecheon International Smartphone Film Festival website.
Benefit Official uniform and festival goods
Inquiry Film Festival Executive Director 010-3648-1339