September 19, 2020, Korea’s first international smartphone film festival


Korea, an IT powerhouse, has grown into a cultural advanced country with the globalization of Korean Wave culture.
Specially, last year, I can say that Korean culture have shown its potential once again through a prominent entertainer named BTS in the music industry and Bong Joon-ho in the film industry.
Yecheon International Smartphone Film Festival Organizing Committee (abbr. “Film Festival”) is an organization of the Yecheon International Smart Phone Film Festival.
Following the first competition last year, we are steadily preparing for the second film festival in 2020 and we would like to provide an opportunity for anyone who dreams of becoming a movie director as second Bong Joon-ho.
All challengers will be given equal opportunities, and participation of professional filmmakers like you will make a brand new film festival.
Let’s challenge together and make it together. Our film festival will be there for your journey.
The passion of the 2nd Yecheon International Smartphone Film Festival will create a new world of movies and you will be the main character.

Name Yecheon International smart phone film festival
Character Competitive film festival
Date 2020. 09.19 (SAT) ~ 2020.09.20 (SUN)
Venue Yecheon New Town Area (Homyeong-myeon)
Host Yecheon County
Organizer Yecheon Smart Phone Film Festival’s organization committee / Performing Arts Managemant
Sponsor Ministry of Culture, Gyeongsangbukdo Province