2021 Yecheon International Smartphone Film Festival aims to support the ones who has a dream of becoming a movie director, who wants to share a story, and also for everyone who wants to become an actor.


Condition Films taken with smartphones.
Qualification Any domestic or foreign residents / No restrictions on individuals or organizations

Participation requirements (competition fields)

Student applicants Elementary, Middle and High School Student Division (under 19)
General applicants Individuals or organizations and college students *adults over 20 years of age
Senior applicants Adults 60 and older *Movie or video
Yecheon On Air applicants No age limit *Movie or video
Yecheon-themed movie or video

Submissions and screening files

Period of entry June 28, 2021 (MON) 11am to August 9, 2021 (MON) 5pm
Entry Conditions
  • No suggestions for topics and genres
  • Other award winning contents and plagiarism will be excluded from the screening.
  • Movies filmed during school and institutional training hours are available.
  • Size: 16:9 (Screen Raio), Full HD (1920*1080) recommended
  • Bitrate: 50,000Kbp above
  • File: mp4(H.264) recommended
  • Duration: Less than 10 minutes
Entry method
  • Submit online via website
  • Homepage –
  • Name the file with “Title and Applicant name”!!!
  • *Please edit the work (movie) with the director’s name.

Selection of advanced applicants and submission of files for screening

the announcement of the finals August 30, 2021 (MON) / Announcement and individual notification on the website
  • Size: 16:9 (Screen Raio), Full HD (1920*1080) recommended
  • Bitrate: 50,000Kbp above
  • File: mp4(H.264) recommended
  • Duration: Less than 10 minutes
Related submission data
  • 1 director photo / 1 movie steel
  • Other materials that can be used as promotional materials, such as press releases, posters, etc.
  • *Submitted materials will be used to produce catalogs and promotional materials, and will not be returned.
  • *The selection of the advanced selection will be determined by the committee’s review, and the award-winning work will be determined by the sum of the review committee and online voting.
  • *The results of the examination will be notified through the website notice, individual e-mail, and the selected works shall not be canceled arbitrarily.

Participant Announcement

Pre-Film and In-Duration Screenings
  1. The number, date, time, and hall of film screenings are determined by the festival.
  2. Under the name of the festival, screenings can be screened on domestic and foreign TV, online and various media with the prior consent of the copyright holders.
Promotional materials
  1. Excerpts and screenshots of screenings can be used as promotional materials.
  2. All materials submitted to the film festival (screenplay, photo, etc.) include the festival’s website, catalogs and press releases, etc.
Data storage
  1. After the film festival, we are planning to actively promote the film screening process.
  2. For this purpose, the file for screening and the submission of materials shall be the principle.
Post-Festival Screenings and Copyright
  1. Film festivals can screen and utilize entries and submitted materials within the festival period.
  2. Film festivals can screen and introduce award-winning films to other domestic and foreign film festivals or cultural centers for cultural exchange. As such, no additional screening fee is paid for non-commercial use.
  3. Through consultation with copyright holders, the film festival can distribute entries using online, mobile, and other media on its behalf.
  4. In the case of award-winning films, the website may be screened and promoted during the required period after the festival.
  1. The copyright of the music, photos, and videos used in the film must be resolved by the exhibitor before the festival is screened.
  2. The Film Festival does not provide any individual confirmation of this part to the exhibitors and is not responsible for any legal issues that may result from copyright infringement.
  3. A valid contact (e-mail, phone number) must be specified so that you can receive other notifications such as selection of entries immediately.
  1. The Organizing Committee of the Film Festival considers that the person who owns and acts on behalf of the copyrights of the entries has submitted the application for entry and agreed to the regulations at the same time.
  2. If the application form contains anything different from the facts, the film festival’s organizing committee will cancel the disqualification and the selection.
  3. The Organizing Committee of the Film Festival has the right to decide on a proposal that is not in the above regulations.


  • 2021 Yecheon International Smart-phone Film Festival
  • Yecheon Secretariat  +82 54 655 8082
  • Daegu Secretariat  +82 53 425 1338
  • E-mail.